ARticulate Episode 37 - Movie Poster Art

Movies poster, band posters album covers and any other illustrations you think of all have the same thing in common. They are a form of artwork. Some are definitely more engaging than others and for good reason. Check out this weeks episode as the guys talk about why poster art is slowly dying. – Books – Links Drew Struzan – Roger Castell – Rob Jones – […]



Articulate Episode 31 - "Drugs and Art"

This week the guys explore the influence drugs have had on art. Kevin reveals some interesting insights about his adventures with them. – Books Be Here Now : Turn On Your Mind : More: For more information about Kevin and Shawn , visit us online at or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave us a review on […]



ARTiculate Episode 16 - Building Flesh Tones

This week the guys take on drawing and painting flesh tones and choosing your palette of colors. They also cover the top things that trip most artists up when trying to create realistic skin tones and how to avoid them.



ARTiculate Episode 10 – The 3 Rules of Oil Painting

In this weeks episode the guys talk about the 3 rules of Oil painting that can NEVER be broken. After some tongue tied attempts they finally get it out but in case you are still unsure you can check them out below as well. The 3 rules of oil painting: