ARticulate Episode 37 - Movie Poster Art

Movies poster, band posters album covers and any other illustrations you think of all have the same thing in common. They are a form of artwork. Some are definitely more engaging than others and for good reason. Check out this weeks episode as the guys talk about why poster art is slowly dying. – Books – Links Drew Struzan – Roger Castell – Rob Jones – […]



Articulate Episode 33 - Flat Design

Flat design is exploding everywhere. Its online, in your products and even at the stores. Where did this explosion come from? Is it new? Maybe not as new as you might think. Sit in while Kevin and Shawn discuss why and where it came from. Links & Resources – Sites – Books or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave […]



ARTiculate Season 2 Episode 25 - "Unfinished Projects"

This week the Kevin and Shawn tackle what unfinished projects they have laying around and how to overcome the burnout and intimidation and get back on track. – Links – Books or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave us a review on iTunes or a Comment below 😉



ARTiculate Season 2 Episode 24 - "A New Format"

Welcome Back! The guys get caught up on what they have been working on and layout the new format Links: http:// Drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave us a review on iTunes or a Leave a awesome Comment. 😉


Source material

ARTiculate Episode 18 - Source Material

This week the guys talk about finding and using good resource material and discuss the best uses for each type. They cover the internet, books, photos and which is the best.



ARTiculate Episode 13 - Top 10 Art Museums to Visit

This week the guys go over the top art museums they want to visit. From the Louvre to The Vatican to The Met   to the Dallas museum of art  they’ve found some art accessible to everyone. The guys also share a few tips of museum etiquette to avoid getting kicked out of  them and Shawn remembers the surprising lack of  it by a tour guide while visiting a Louisiana plantation. […]



ARTiculate Episode 12 - Less is More

This week the guys discuss why less is more and what it really means in your artwork and anything that you do.



ARTiculate Episode 11- Artist Interveiw with Jonathan Palmisano

This week Kevin sits down with the very talented artist Jonathan Palmisano and picks his brain on creativity ,influences and the source of his tentacle like art pieces.



ARTiculate Episode 03 - Choosing Your Own Subject vs Selling Out

  From Norman Rockwell to Annie Lennox, this episode is sure to entertain and help you avoid falling into the horrible arena of “Selling out”. The guys tackle choosing your subject and explore how to stay inspired with your work while making a living and keeping your sanity.