Articulate Episode 41 - Teaching Art

What’s the best way to learn anything? To teach it! It’s also not bad for picking up a little extra money. Teaching art is a great way to stay in the game and still hone your skills. There are several ways to go about and many different levels. This week the guys explore a few options. Links & Resources – Sites – Books or drop us a line […]



ARTIculate Episode 36 - Religion's Role in Art

Oh religion how you influence thee. Let me count the ways. Religion has played a huge role in the different types of art that are created, who can make it and why they can make it. It not all pretty either. This week the guys talk about the mother of all art influencers : Religion.   Links & Resources – Sites   – Books   or drop us […]



ARTiculate Episode 32 - Furniture As Art

This week the guys take on furniture. Can furniture be art? At what points does it stop? Can you just make a chair and call it art? The guys discuss who inspired this week’s topic and go into their two favorites (the furniture brand name Kevin talks about is Herman Miller not Eames..sorry) – Books Mentioned on the Show: Flovorwire – Eames – Herman Miller – For […]


Articulate Episode 30 - "Low Art vs High Art"

At what point does something become literature or a film as apposed to a book or movie? This week the guys explore high art vs low art and what it take to transfer from one to the other. Links & Resources – Sites – Books or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave us a review on iTunes or a […]



ARTiculate Season 2 Episode 26 - "Can You Cheat in Art" ” Did you traced that? You Cheater!” The guys talk about cheating in art and what it really means. Can you cheat? Links: Drew Struzan Man behind the poster – Drew Struzan’s Illustration Art Lesson “Conceiving and Creating the Hellboy Movie Poster Art” Instructional DVD – – Books or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re […]



ARTiculate Episode 14 - Art vs Advertising

This week the guy pick sides on the argument of is Advertising really art,  Should it belong in the Smithsonian and does the intent of the image mean it is art or not?



ARTiculate Episode 13 - Top 10 Art Museums to Visit

This week the guys go over the top art museums they want to visit. From the Louvre to The Vatican to The Met   to the Dallas museum of art  they’ve found some art accessible to everyone. The guys also share a few tips of museum etiquette to avoid getting kicked out of  them and Shawn remembers the surprising lack of  it by a tour guide while visiting a Louisiana plantation. […]



ARTiculate Episode 08 - The Only Tools You Need for Drawing

This week the guys take a look at the some of the essential and not so essential tools needed to get your drawings on the right foot. They also confront the use of  french curves for drawing curved lines and propose a challenge and gift for anyone to display a valid use for them.



ARTiculate Episode 01 - What is Art?

  In their first episode together, Kevin Kramer and Shawn”The Shawno” Gillespie talk about their backgrounds and reasons for producing the show, and pose some interesting questions about what art and artists really are.