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ARTiculate Episode 05 - Digital Art: Pros & Cons

  Kevin and Shawn discuss the finer points of digital art, touching on its beginnings, why you need to a part of the digital art scene and why it is awesome and not so awesome.



ARTiculate Episode 04 - Style: Where, What and How

  In this episode the guys define what style is and how you can define your own by stealing from other? This one is full of anecdotes and examples of how other artists and the guys found their way on the great winding road that is defining YOUR style.



ARTiculate Episode 03 - Choosing Your Own Subject vs Selling Out

  From Norman Rockwell to Annie Lennox, this episode is sure to entertain and help you avoid falling into the horrible arena of “Selling out”. The guys tackle choosing your subject and explore how to stay inspired with your work while making a living and keeping your sanity.



ARTiculate Episode 02 - Setting up Your Studio

In their second show the team addresses setting up your studio. Whether you have a big budget or just a corner of the couch, they cover the essentials for a setting up your studio in the digital age as well as the tools of the trade for staying safe in your traditional setup.



ARTiculate Episode 01 - What is Art?

  In their first episode together, Kevin Kramer and Shawn”The Shawno” Gillespie talk about their backgrounds and reasons for producing the show, and pose some interesting questions about what art and artists really are.