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ARTiculate Episode 11- Artist Interveiw with Jonathan Palmisano

This week Kevin sits down with the very talented artist Jonathan Palmisano and picks his brain on creativity ,influences and the source of his tentacle like art pieces.



ARTiculate Episode 10 – The 3 Rules of Oil Painting

In this weeks episode the guys talk about the 3 rules of Oil painting that can NEVER be broken. After some tongue tied attempts they finally get it out but in case you are still unsure you can check them out below as well. The 3 rules of oil painting:



ARTiculate Episode 09 – Interview with Cindy Debold of Compose It Grids

This weeks episode features an interview with Cindy Debold, artist and creator of Compose It Grids. Cindy talks about her beginnings as an artist and how she created the proportional grids due to her own struggles with drawing en plein air.  



ARTiculate Episode 08 - The Only Tools You Need for Drawing

This week the guys take a look at the some of the essential and not so essential tools needed to get your drawings on the right foot. They also confront the use of  french curves for drawing curved lines and propose a challenge and gift for anyone to display a valid use for them.



ARTiculate Episode 07 - Freelance vs Industry

In this week’s episode Kevin and Shawn sort thru the pros and cons of working for yourself and creating your own artistic vision versus working for a more established design company and potentially losing your soul to pay the bills.



ARTiculate Episode 06 - How To Price & Market Your Art

This week the guys tackle marketing yourself effectively and get your name out there in your local and online communities. They also touch on the controversial topic of pricing your work.