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got talent?

ARTiculate Episode 17 - Got Talent?

If you’ve ever heard the words “you got talent kid” then you definitely need to listen as the guys tear down the myths about talent and what is really means. Do you need talent or can anyone be the best at what they do? Can practice really get you where you want to be?



ARTiculate Episode 16 - Building Flesh Tones

This week the guys take on drawing and painting flesh tones and choosing your palette of colors. They also cover the top things that trip most artists up when trying to create realistic skin tones and how to avoid them.



ARTiculate Episode 15 - Art in Propaganda

This week the guys talk about the touchy subject of propaganda art. Why is it so effective and how can you apply some of the art of psychology to your own work…for the good of mankind of course.



ARTiculate Episode 14 - Art vs Advertising

This week the guy pick sides on the argument of is Advertising really art,  Should it belong in the Smithsonian and does the intent of the image mean it is art or not?



ARTiculate Episode 13 - Top 10 Art Museums to Visit

This week the guys go over the top art museums they want to visit. From the Louvre to The Vatican to The Met   to the Dallas museum of art  they’ve found some art accessible to everyone. The guys also share a few tips of museum etiquette to avoid getting kicked out of  them and Shawn remembers the surprising lack of  it by a tour guide while visiting a Louisiana plantation. […]



ARTiculate Episode 12 - Less is More

This week the guys discuss why less is more and what it really means in your artwork and anything that you do.