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ARTiculate Episode 23 - The 5 Steps to Drawing Comics

Ever wanted to create a sweet comic of your own? In this season finale the guys break down the 5 key components you need to get started creating your very own comics either digitally or traditionally.



ARTiculate Episode 22 - Artist Sketchbooks Do you carry a sketchbook around with you everywhere? Neither do we. The guys talk about more practical uses of traditional artist sketch books in the days of the digtial smartphones and tablets.



ARTiculate Episode 21 - Graphic Design

By popular demand the guys tackle the subject of graphic design. They dive deeper into the process, the software and how they implement their own traditional methods and style into the dominately digital realm.



ARTiculate Episode 20 - Artist Profile: Dali

The guys talk about the life and influences of one the more prolific artists in history – Dali. From Freud, to a facination with Hitler’s back to money and selling out. Love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him.



ARTiculate Episode 19 - Artist Interview: Rob Jones

This week Kevin interviews the Grammy award-winning artist Rob Jones, Jack White’s go to guy for the White Stripes, Dead Weather and Raconteurs’ most iconic posters and packaging. Rob provides insights into his process, influences and how to utilize the Lord of Rings to get things done. Image credits: Rob Jones


Source material

ARTiculate Episode 18 - Source Material

This week the guys talk about finding and using good resource material and discuss the best uses for each type. They cover the internet, books, photos and which is the best.