Articulate Episode 38 Weird Surfaces

The surfaces changes everything about your images. Whether you are painting, drawing, sketching or just doodling the surface you work on can make it either really easy to work on or your worse nightmare. – Books For more information about Kevin and Shawn , visit us online at or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave us a review on […]



ARTiculate Episode 32 - Furniture As Art

This week the guys take on furniture. Can furniture be art? At what points does it stop? Can you just make a chair and call it art? The guys discuss who inspired this week’s topic and go into their two favorites (the furniture brand name Kevin talks about is Herman Miller not Eames..sorry) – Books Mentioned on the Show: Flovorwire – Eames – Herman Miller – For […]



ARTiculate Episode 23 - The 5 Steps to Drawing Comics

Ever wanted to create a sweet comic of your own? In this season finale the guys break down the 5 key components you need to get started creating your very own comics either digitally or traditionally.



ARTiculate Episode 22 - Artist Sketchbooks Do you carry a sketchbook around with you everywhere? Neither do we. The guys talk about more practical uses of traditional artist sketch books in the days of the digtial smartphones and tablets.



ARTiculate Episode 21 - Graphic Design

By popular demand the guys tackle the subject of graphic design. They dive deeper into the process, the software and how they implement their own traditional methods and style into the dominately digital realm.


Source material

ARTiculate Episode 18 - Source Material

This week the guys talk about finding and using good resource material and discuss the best uses for each type. They cover the internet, books, photos and which is the best.



ARTiculate Episode 16 - Building Flesh Tones

This week the guys take on drawing and painting flesh tones and choosing your palette of colors. They also cover the top things that trip most artists up when trying to create realistic skin tones and how to avoid them.



ARTiculate Episode 10 – The 3 Rules of Oil Painting

In this weeks episode the guys talk about the 3 rules of Oil painting that can NEVER be broken. After some tongue tied attempts they finally get it out but in case you are still unsure you can check them out below as well. The 3 rules of oil painting:



ARTiculate Episode 09 – Interview with Cindy Debold of Compose It Grids

This weeks episode features an interview with Cindy Debold, artist and creator of Compose It Grids. Cindy talks about her beginnings as an artist and how she created the proportional grids due to her own struggles with drawing en plein air.  



ARTiculate Episode 08 - The Only Tools You Need for Drawing

This week the guys take a look at the some of the essential and not so essential tools needed to get your drawings on the right foot. They also confront the use of  french curves for drawing curved lines and propose a challenge and gift for anyone to display a valid use for them.