Articulate Episode 38 Weird Surfaces

The surfaces changes everything about your images. Whether you are painting, drawing, sketching or just doodling the surface you work on can make it either really easy to work on or your worse nightmare. – Books For more information about Kevin and Shawn , visit us online at or drop us a line at : If you like why we’re doing ,please leave us a review on […]


ARticulate Episode 37 - Movie Poster Art

Movies poster, band posters album covers and any other illustrations you think of all have the same thing in common. They are a form of artwork. Some are definitely more engaging than others and for good reason. Check out this weeks episode as the guys talk about why poster art is slowly dying. – Books – Links Drew Struzan – Roger Castell – Rob Jones – […]



ARTIculate Episode 36 - Religion's Role in Art

Oh religion how you influence thee. Let me count the ways. Religion has played a huge role in the different types of art that are created, who can make it and why they can make it. It not all pretty either. This week the guys talk about the mother of all art influencers : Religion.   Links & Resources – Sites   – Books   or drop us […]